Can you really change someone’s life in 30 minutes? I believe you can. And often in less time. A few words, an insightful comment, acknowledgement or question may be all it takes to effect positive change.

One proven way to change people’s lives is through good coaching. A focused, professional coaching conversation can be very short and very incisive. It can shift the conversation from the superficial transactional level – where people never mention what is really important – to a meaningful dialogue that transforms how someone thinks about a situation.

This year, I’ve begun running a series of workshops aimed at those who lead and manage other people to improve the quality of conversations they have with their colleagues and direct reports. It’s called Café Coaching Conversations and offers great tools and techniques that are easy to learn and apply immediately. It means that you can meet someone in a public place, like a coffee shop, and have a focused coaching conversation that really helps to solve problems and create new solutions. Best of all, you don’t need to come up with the answers. You learn how to let someone else find their best way forward.

If this sounds interesting, you may like to come along to the new series of workshops. Or have a chat with me about how to make a difference in 30 minutes.