I coach so many amazing women. Talented, focused and hardworking. (And plenty of men too!) People like you…

The thing is. They usually don’t notice how good they really are. ( I meet more humble women than men.) They highlight what they can’t do perfectly rather than what they do so well. Come on ladies, step up. Why wait in the shadows helping others to shine when inside you are wondering why nobody is giving you the space you deserve?

Here are seven ways to take ownership of your shiny talents and use them to make a difference in the world.

  1. Pay attention to your own passion and energy. Only you can take ownership of your life, so don’t wait for others to set your direction and tell you what to do. Start by noticing what fires you up and gives you energy. Spend more time in this space and you’ll be unstoppable as you inspire other people with your enthusiasm.
  2. Appreciate yourself. Set your intent to validate and appreciate yourself and what you stand for. When others see how you value yourself, they’ll value you more and have the courage to be more like you.
  3. Develop a protective skin. Skin is the biggest organ in the body and has amazing properties to protect and heal. Imagine that you can put an extra super-coating on your body as you step up and face the world. One that others can’t easily tear or damage, and which will repair itself if knocked. Can you think of anyone brilliant who never gets criticised? No, then decide you don’t have to please everyone, all of the time.
  4. Develop your sponsors. Everyone benefits from others who look out for them and filter opportunitities their way. I’ve noticed that while women are good at getting mentors, men are particularly better at getting sponsors. Make sure you cultivate relationships with those people who want the best for you, will extol your virtues rather than delight in your faults or make you feel scared. Leave behind those who love to control or criticise and look for those who’ll stretch and support you to raise your game.
  5. Quiet the voice on your shoulder that says: ‘Who are you to put your head above the parapet?’ It’s normal to have some noisy ‘chatter’ that gets in the way. Stop and listen to the infamous words of Marianne Williamson as you ask yourself: “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?” Actually, who are you not to be? . . . as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.’
  6. Replace humble with daring. So many women, in particular, play safe. They fear their own vulnerability. In order to harness your courage, you need to be-friend your vulnerability. Once you do, you’ll find your own natural and greater leadership. Dare to dream the impossible. If you reach for the stars, then you can always set your sights closer to earth.
  7. Let others be brilliant too. Be generous in your support of others. They’ll appreciate it and reciprocate. The world is big enough for everyone to be their best, so never try and keep others down through your own insecurities and comparisons. The best leaders let others fly.

Be bold. Have fun. Get on with it!

And if you need help on the way, I can offer loads of resources, books, coaching and workshops to support you. Whatever your dream, just ask me for help.

And remember, share the principles with other brilliant women, and men too…